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When summer ends is the latest publications by Odalisque magazine. This beautiful editorial mirrors the soft melancholia which arrives when summer comes to an end. Sunday dress from the collection Planet S is featured in several color photos. In addition there is a black white picture. Sunday dress is made out of Italian silk twill. Moreover it’s printed with a digital reproduction of a painting by Madeleine Hatz.

Odalisque magazine, December 2018

OD.M Editorial “When Summer ends”: styling with Studio Heijne Sunday dress.

Stylist is Therese Hedin and photos by Enzo Paredes


Odalisque magazine features Heijne collection Odalisque magazine features Sunday dress by Heijne

Odalisque magazine, January 2018

OD.M Editorial “Cassiopeia”: styling with Studio Heijne Cocktail dress.

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