Organic delicate detergent-1L- Fragrance free

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Detergent for silk and other delicate fabrics.

This liquid detergent is suitable for silk and other sensitive fabrics. I (Wendy, founder of Heijne) tested the organic detergent on many of my silk garments and delicate wash garments. Therefore I can personally recommend this product from Gröna Gredelina.  It cleans my silk dresses well and additionally it keeps the fabric soft. This detergent is completely without fragrance, you only feel a weak scent of the nuts. It you prefer a scent, we love this version with orange and ceder.

Organic washing detergent.

The delicate detergent is made of organically grown nuts. Therefore it’s a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical detergent.  It’s is also perfect for people with allergies, sensitive skin and for babies and children. Finally the washing detergent can be used for hand or machine washing and at all temperatures.

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1 Liter organic delicate detergent with orange and ceder scent. We think this detergent is perfect for your silk garments and other delicate garments. Additionally the delicate detergent is made of organically grown nuts and produced locally in Stockholm by Gröna Gredelina.

Gröna Gredelina is a Swedish company that manufactures organic and natural products for the body and home completely without toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives. All products contain as few ingredients as possible and most are manufactured in Stockholm after genuine, old and proven recipes. The ecological essential oils fulfill two functions as they both smell good and are antiseptic.

Size: 1 liter

Package: plastic pump bottle

Non-toxic Facts: Completely without toxic chemicals, parabens, synthetic surfactants, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Ingredients: Sapindus Mukorossi (Tvättnötter)*, Soda ash (natrium salt),
Silicates (mineraler), Sodium Chloride, (mineral salt) Xantan gum (xanthangummi)
Sodium Benzoate (natriumbensoat).
* organically grown.

Dosage: Use 30 ml for a machine wash with soft water, 40 ml for medium hard water and 50 ml for hard water.


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