Organic Aleppo soap

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We are happy to introduce Gröna Gredelinas organic Aleppo soap in our collection. This liquid soap is a natural product with organic ingredients. It contains 16% bearing berry oil. Therefor the soap is soft and creamy and does not dry out the skin. It smells light and lovely with the sent of freshly washed cotton.

The organic soap is suitable for both children and adults and is used as regular soap for the hands and for the whole body. It’s is mild and fits people with sensitive skin and skin problems.

Perfect gift

Cottone Pulito organic soap isn’t only a lovely soap. It comes in a exclusive glass bottle and is therefor a perfect gift.

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This Organic Aleppo soap named Cottone Pullito contains 16% lager berry oil and smells as freshly washed cotton. Liquid Aleppo soap is made in the same way for centuries by natural ingredients. It’s an organic soap that does not dry out the skin. Gröna Gredelinas aleppo soap liquid in glass bottle is completely free of palm oil, parabene or dyes.

Gröna Gredelina is a Swedish company that manufactures organic and natural products for the body and home completely without toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives. All products contain as few ingredients as possible and most are manufactured in Stockholm after ge nuine, old and proven recipes. The ecological oils fulfill two functions as they both smell good and are antiseptic.

Size: 350 ml

Package: glass pump bottle

Ingredients: Sodium olivate (saponified olive oil) * Sodium laurate * (saponified lager berry oil 16% Distilled water) Sodium chloride * (mineral salt) * perfume

* Organic certified ingredients

Usage: Aleppo soap is used as ordinary soap for hands and body, even for the no-Poo shampoo method. Suitable for sensitive skin and problem skin. This Aleppo soap is non comodogenic. Be careful with eye contact, as it might burn. In that case rinse with water.


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