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    Natural linen water from Gröna Gredelina smells of soft woody tones and is sober and elegantI warmly recommend this product for you who wants their clothes to smell delicious, prolong the life time for your garments and be friendly to the environment. I use it mostly at home to freshen up garments after weathering and steaming.

    We use it also:

    • as room spray: we do this in the concept store and it’s such an easy way to get an refreshing lovely scent
    • to freshen up your curtains, pillows and sofa.
    • to spray on your garments before ironing.
    • spraying in your linen wardrobe to give all your sheets a delicate and subtle scent

    Perfect gift

    Because of the small, cute package, it’s perfect as a gift. This linen water comes in a 100 ml package and therefore you can bring it in your hand luggage while traveling. Because of the small size it’s easy to put in your (gym)bag or keep in your car.

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    Long sleeve viscose stretch top with 2-way metal zip, an every day must have.

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