5 Silk scarves styling tips

Large silk scarves in with geometric print and a graphic touch are our specialty. Because of the generous size they are versatile and there are numerous ways to style them. Here are our 5 favourite styling tips:

1 Autumn scarf:

Drape over chunky-knit sweaters and jackets during winter and autumn.

2 Wear as belt:

Fold it a few times to create a belt. Tie around your waist or close it with a clip.

We are especially fond of styling a loose silhouette dress with a wide belt a la kimono style.

If you make the folds very small, the belt will go through the belt loops of your favourite jeans.

3 Resort style one:

Tie around your waist as skirt This is a great styling tip to cover up while walking on the beach.

4 Resort style two:

Make a dress by wrapping the scarf around over your bikini or basic dress.

Tie in your neck or at one shoulder and you are ready for (off) beach lunch.



Tie as a turban or hair band. Very on trend.


Silk Scarf Planet S


silk scarf Tile – 130 cm

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    I found your site from Google as well as I need to state the scarftips are great.


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